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10 Top and Best NEET Coaching In Karnataka of 2024

Are you looking for the Best NEET Coaching Centres in Karnataka? Don’t worry you are in the right place. Here You can Find the Top 10 NEET coaching Centres in Karnataka.  National Eligibility cum Entrance Test, popularly known as NEET is a national-level entrance examination conducted in India. It is the gate pass to seeking admission to undergraduate medical (MBBS) and dental courses (BDS) in private and public colleges across India. Karnataka hosts some of the most renowned medical colleges in India. Therefore, every year lakhs of students appear for NEET examinations from Karnataka. In fact, in 2023 around 102735 students sat for the examination from Karnataka. And, the competition is going to get more intense as the number of aspirants will increase in the coming years.

List Of Top 10 NEET Coaching Centres in Karnataka Of 2024

#1 Vibrant

#2 Toppers Academy

#3 Base College

#4 Allen Bangalore

#5 The Hinduzone

#6 Vividya coaching

#7 CFAL Mangalore

#8 Excel Coaching 

#9 Mars NEET Classes

#10 Aakash Institute

List of best 10 NEET Coaching in Karnataka

#1. Vibrant PU College - Best NEET Coaching Academy

Vibrant PU College
Vibrant PU College

Vibrant PU College was born with the vision to brighten the future of its students by promoting holistic development and improving academic quality. The college has been among the leading PU colleges in Karnataka that offers its students an ocean of educational possibilities, qualified instructors, and enriching experiences. Moreover, Vibrant is known for helping its students crack the NEET exam, thanks to its special educational programs and proven teaching methods. Let’s dive a little deeper and understand why Vibrant Pre-university College is one of the top NEET coaching centers in Karnataka.


Vibrant Pre-university College is a flagship project of the esteemed Vibrant Academy for Innovative Learning (VAIL). It is graced by one of the most competent teaching teams in Mangalore. The academic institution has a prestigious history of  helping thousands of students fulfill their educational aspirations. In fact, it has produced over 45000 engineers and 5000 doctors. The college prioritizes the creation of an interactive educational environment by leveraging its student-friendly facilities and latest learning techniques. At present, over 4000 students are seeking education from Vibrant PUC. 

Infrastructure and Facilities

Located in Moodubidiri, Mangalore Vibrant PU College is well connected with the important regions of Karnataka by a rich network of roads and a good transportation facility. Additionally, it has a secure hostel facility and the latest academic infrastructure to help students study at ease. Here is a detailed list of academic and hostel facilities at Vibrant PU College.

Hostel facilities

About the faculty members

Vibrant Pre-university College is graced with an adept team of teachers who have years of experience in guiding NEET aspirants through their preparation process. Each and every faculty member is equipped with academic qualifications and expertise to impart education comprehensively. Here are some of the esteemed faculty members from Vibrant PU college.

Eminent faculties
some Eminent Faculties

Class size and support

Vibrant PUC works to fulfill the academic dream of each of its students.  Therefore, it ensures that weaker students get special attention from the teachers. Moreover, the authorities maintain a small class size to pay equal attention to the performance of every student; the students also get an opportunity to connect with the teachers at a personal level and clarify their doubts.

Study materials by Vibrant PU College

As NEET students the study materials play an important role in helping them crack their NEET exams. Vibrant PU College carefully crafts its NEET study materials to prepare its students for success. Vibrant’s list of study materials includes the following:

  • Daily practice problem sheets
  • Chapter wise All India assignments
  • Study material for NEET/JEE competitive exams
  • Separate study materials for PU board exams
  • Chapter-wise NTA (National Testing Agency) question papers

Success Stories and Past Results

Vibrant Pre-university College(PUC) is one of the top 10 NEET coaching centers in Karnataka. Its Google rating of 4.4 stars speaks for its popularity. Each year the Vibrant helps thousands of students crack NEET examinations. Let’s look at the stunning academic performances of some of Vibrant’s previous students.

vibrant alumni
Vibrant alumni 1
vibrant alumni 2
vibrant alumni 3
successful NEET students

Here is the whole list of successful NEET students from Vibrant PU College

The ex-students of Vibrant PU College speak highly about the institution. Their testimonial further strengthens the credibility of the college.

Review for vibrant
Reviews for NEET

You can get in touch with Vibrant PU College to know more about its courses and offerings.

Contact Details
Address New Vibrant PU College ( A unit of Vibrant Education and Charitable Trust), Kallabettu, Moodbidri, Mangalore District – 574197
Contact numbers +91 74114 17028
Admission Email
Help desk Email

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#2. Toppers Academy, Online Platform - Best NEET Coaching Center

Toppers Academy NEET Coaching Centre

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.Established in 2020, Toppers Academy is one of the widely chosen NEET Coaching centers in India. It is popular for training NEET and JEE aspirants to successfully crack their exams.Since its inception, it has helped hundreds of students become good doctors and help the society. The well-structured online classes, a small batch size, quality study materials along with interactive sessions between students and teachers are some of Toppers Academy’s best features. Most NEET aspirants enroll in the long-duration NEET coaching program which extends for 3-4 years. The college has received a rating of 9.5 stars out of 10 from its students. The NEET faculty of Toppers Academy is well-experienced in guiding students for the exams and has been rated a whopping 8.5 out of 10.

Want to learn more about Toppers Academy? 
Visit their website at  

#3. BASE, Bangalore - NEET Coaching in Bangalore

Established in 1991, BASE is a leader in training students to crack competitive exams like NEET, CET, KVPY, and JEE. It has a rich legacy of helping more than 10 thousand students succeed in their academic aspirations. Over 108 of its students have scored above 500 in NEET exams in 2022-23. BASE offers a two-year Medical Excel programme, two-year NEET+ programmes, and one week NEET crash course. Additionally, it also offers a NEET repeaters programme for aspirants who wish to retake the NEET exams. BASE  is particularly well-known for providing top-class study materials and mock exam papers (based on the latest exam pattern), compensatory classes (for students who might have missed the sessions), and revision classes to help students overcome their weaknesses and prepare for NEET exams to the best of their abilities. The supportive faculty along with technology-based learning have further helped the students to qualify NEET. Apart from its classroom training BASE also offers self-study facilities with BASE@HOME.   

Want to learn more about BASE ? 

Visit their website at

#4. ALLEN, Bengaluru - Best NEET Coaching in Bangalore

ALLEN NEET Coaching Bangalore

With a strength of 3.3 lac students in offline classrooms (in 2023-24) ALLEN offers the best NEET coaching in Karnataka. Offering high-quality NEET exam preparation, ALLEN has helped its students secure the best results year after year. It believes in imparting value-based career education to its students. Furthermore, it assists its students in their journey to crack the NEET exams by providing abundant resources, personalized guidance, and frequent mock assessments. In 2023, 344 of ALLEN’s students were among the top 1000 NEET achievers. 

Want to learn more about ALLEN? 

Visit their website at

#5. The HinduZone NEET Coaching, Mysore - Affordable NEET Coaching Academy

The Hindu Zone NEET Coaching Centre

The HinduZone NEET Coaching not only offers the best NEET coaching in Karnataka but it is one of the premier NEET training institutions in India. Established to help students realize their academic dreams, HinduZone is the go-to platform for NEET aspirants for mentorship, doubt clearance, motivation, guidance, and counseling. The coaching center is well-known for its creative action-based coaching technique which equips the students with both theoretical and practical understanding of crucial concepts. HinduZone offers customized teaching methods and study materials keeping in mind the uniqueness of each student.  With a Google rating of 4.5 stars, it has helped hundreds of students crack competitive examinations like IAS, JEE, Bank PO, and of course NEET. 

Want to know more about The HinduZone? 

Visit their website at

#6. Vividya Coaching - Best NEET Coaching in Mangalore, Karnataka

Vividya NEET Coaching Centre

With an impressive Google rating of 4.7 stars, Vividya Mangalore is one of the top-rated coaching institutions for competitive examinations like NEET, JEE, and CET. Vividya Coaching is the top choice amongst NEET aspirants owing to its classic facilities. The institution offers well-researched and refined study materials, and state-of-the-art classrooms, and conducts frequent assessments for students to analyze their performance. The best part about Vividya Coaching is that it was founded by a team of doctors, IITians, and NITians who employ innovative teaching methods and AI-based tool coverage to impart a personalized learning experience to its students. Its NEET JEE Crash Course and NEET repeater long-term coaching are structured to help students crack the NEET exams and take the first step toward their medical journey. 

Want to know more about Vividya Coaching Mangalore? 

Visit their website at

#7. CFAL India, Mangalore - NEET Coaching Center

CFAL NEET Coaching in Karnataka

The Centre for Advanced Learning (CFAL) was born in 2004 to provide quality science education to students. In no time it helped its students secure great academic success and placed them in the top colleges in India. NEET aspirants choose CFAL for its well-structured NEET coaching program and highly experienced faculty who pay personalized attention to every student. Furthermore, its NEET study materials (which are tailored to help pupils excel in admission tests), regular assessments, strategic exam strategies, technology-driven learning (integrating modern teaching tools and technology),  and positive learning environment have made CFAL India, Mangalore the best NEET coaching in Karnataka. It institution believes in the holistic development of a student and hence focuses on the development of self-confidence and interpersonal communication skills. With a Google rating of stars, CFAL has helped numerous students top ranks in the NEET examination.  

Want to know more about CFAL India, Mangalore? 

Visit their website at

#8. Excel Coaching Center, Guruvayanakere - Another Best NEET Coaching Center

Excel PU College

Established in 2016, Excel Coaching Center is guided by the sole motive of helping its students clear competitive entrance exams like NEET, JEE, CET, NDA, and more. The institution is graced by qualified faculties who guide students through their exam preparation. NEET aspirants usually enroll in Excel’s NEET Integrated Program and enjoy facilities like printed study materials, audio and visual teaching technologies, personalized attention, and an education-friendly atmosphere. Moreover, the institution conducts meetings with parents to keep them informed about their child’s progress. Over the last 9 years Excel Coaching Center has helped hundreds of students crack NEET exams with very high scores. 

Want to know more about Excel Coaching Center, Guruvayanakere?

Visit their website at

#9. MARS NEET Classes, Mangalore - NEET Coaching Academy

MARS NEET Coaching Centre

Learning is a constant adventure; MARS  aspires to motivate every student to learn and innovate by crafting a fun yet competitive atmosphere for them. It has a 16-year reputation as a top coaching center for NEET exams. MARS’ esteemed NEET faculties prepare students for the medical competitive exam by helping students build a strong academic foundation. Furthermore, MARS conducts MCQ-based brainstorming sessions and offers comprehensive subject notes for students to refine their learnings. 

Want to know more about MARS NEET Classes, Mangalore?

Visit their website at

#10. Aakash Institute, Bangalore - Best NEET Coaching in Karnataka

Aakash Institute

With over 5000 expert faculties, Aakash Institute is a leader in NEET/JEE coaching. It has helped more than 122,000 students crack the NEET and JEE exams in 2023. Aakash is famous for its world-class teaching resources, personalized tutoring, and online learning modules designed to help students clear NEET exams. Its frequent mock tests, and test series (like the All India Aakash Test Series) coupled with the access to previous year’s question banks familiarize students with the NEET question patterns. Moreover, Aakash’s hybrid and online courses, doubt resolution classes, and detailed performance reports attract thousands of students to prepare for NEET under the guidance of this institute. 

Want to know more about Aakash Institute? 

Visit their website at

How to Choose the Best NEET Coaching Centre in Karnataka

Karnataka is witnessing an exponential rise in NEET aspirants each year. To guide the increasing number of students many new coaching centers are being set up in the state. However, scanning through each of these institutions in the quest to find the best is a herculean job. It is almost like finding a needle in a haystack. To ease the process of finding yourself the best NEET coaching center in Karnataka we are revealing a super effective and time-saving technique of choosing the perfect NEET coaching institution for yourself.

While proceeding with your research always consider a few factors or indicators for evaluating the quality of the coaching center. We discuss each of these indicators below.

No Indicator Detail
Faculty expertise and experience
One of the foundations of a good educational institution is its faculties or teachers. They are in charge of imparting knowledge and guiding students towards a successful future. While evaluating NEET Coaching institutions always look into its teaching team. Aspects like educational qualification and experience will give you an idea about their competence.
Teaching Methodology, Curriculum, and Study Materials
The NEET syllabus is quite vast. Proper curriculum and study materials are essential to help students cover the entire course and develop a strong grip on the concepts. Check the type of study materials offered by the coaching center and also enquire about the teaching methodology and curriculum followed.
Facilities and Instructure
Good facilities and infrastructure are key to creating a safe and secure environment that eases the learning process. Do not forget to check for facilities like laboratories, libraries, computer labs, and hostel facilities while searching for a good NEET coaching center.
Past Performance and Success Rate in NEET exams
The performance and success rate of past students of the coaching help you assess its credibility. Therefore, always look into this factor while shortlisting colleges.
Location and Accessibility
Student Support and Counselling
Students often go through stress and mental pressure while preparing for the NEET examination. It is best if you enroll in a coaching center that offers counseling facilities. It is even better if the college offers academic guidance and career counseling.
Testimonials, Success Stories, and Google rating
Testimonials and Google ratings help you identify the top NEET coaching centers in Karnataka. Therefore, you should always check it before picking a coaching center.


In this article, we identified the best NEET long term coaching in Karnataka. We discussed in detail the top features and specialties of NEET coaching centers like Vibrant PU College, Aakash Institute, MARS NEET Classes, and Vividya Coaching. The knowledgeable faculties, exclusive facilities, and modern infrastructure help students clear competitive examinations like NEET with ease. 

Remember, cracking NEET exams is not difficult. All you need is guidance from a good NEET coaching center, dedication, and determination to realize your dream. Before choosing a coaching center, set some time for thorough research. Go through resources like blog articles, college websites, and even relevant social media posts to gain proper knowledge about the institutions. Enroll only after you are confident and fully educated about the coaching center. 

Before we end, we suggest you check out our blog: Top 8 Mistakes to Avoid During NEET Preparation, for further guidance

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where can I find the syllabus for NEET 2024?

You can find the syllabus for NEET 2024 from NTA’s website:
You can also download it directly by clicking on this link.
NEET 2024 Syllabus.

How can I enroll in Vibrant Pre-university College?

You can apply for admission at Vibrant PU College directly from their website. You can also apply by clicking on this link:

What kind of NEET programme does Vibrant PUC offer?

Here is the list of NEET programmes offered by Vibrant PU College.
● Medical Excel

What is the average cost of a NEET coaching programme?

The cost of a NEET coaching programme varies from institution to institution. However, online coaching programmes should cost you something between ₹30,000 to ₹1 lakh. On the other hand, offline NEET coaching programmes cost between ₹50,000 to ₹ 3 lakhs.

Which website should I follow for the latest news and updates about NEET exams?

As a NEET aspirant, you should follow NTA’s (National Testing Agency) website frequently to learn about the latest developments.
Here is the link:

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