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best PU college in Mangalore

Best 7 PU Colleges in Mangalore

To help you speed up the process, we list the 7 best PU colleges in Mangalore and explore their strengths.

  1. Vibrant Moodubidire
  2. St. Joseph’s Pre-University College
  3. Sharada Vidyaniketan PU College
  4. Prestige PU college
  5. Expert PU College
  6. TLC PU College
  7. St Agnes PU College

1. Vibrant Moodubidire

best PU college in Mangalore

New Vibrant Moodubidire PU College is a flagship project of Vibrant Academy for Innovative Learning (VAIL). With a history of producing thousands of doctors and engineers over the last 20 years, the college is one of the esteemed PU colleges in Mangalore. The college has mastered the art of bringing out the best in its students with the help of its expert faculties and modern teaching technologies.

Academic excellence

Every year New Vibrant PU College has helped thousands of students realize their dreams of becoming doctors and engineers. Here is the list of successful students from New Vibrant PU College who have cracked the NEET examination in 2023.

Overview of campus facilities

New Vibrant PU College has a ton of facilities to help students study at ease. Here are some of the many facilities that the college offers.

  • The college provides comprehensive study materials for students.
  • It has a compact integrated NEET/JE + PUC course for students aspiring to become doctors and engineers
  • Regular assessment facilities for students
  • It has spacious and secure hostels separately built for males and females
  • The students have access to delicious and nutritious food
  • Doctors are available on call

Faculty achievements

As a top Mangalore college New Vibrant had an adept team of more than 26 lecturers. In fact, it has one of the best NEET/ JEE/KCET/ teaching teams in Karnataka. Taping on their expertise the faculty has fulfilled the career dreams of thousands of students. In the past few years, they have trained over 5000 students. They have also helped 45000 students qualify for engineering admission. Here are some eminent faculty members of New Vibrant PU College.

Specific programs or courses offered

In this segment, we discuss the programs offered by New Vibrant PU College. These include the following:

2. St. Joseph’s Pre-University College

PU college in Mangalore

The French foreign Missionary fathers founded St. Joseph’s Pre-University College in 1882. This 120-year-old institution aims to pave the path to academic success by creating a firm knowledge base. The college faculty and management spend time on fashion study and evaluation techniques that help students learn, understand, and retain knowledge. For example, quizzes, lectures, and debates are integral parts of the college’s teaching process. In the following segment, we will explore more about St. Joseph’s Pre-University College.

Academic achievements

The academic achievements of a college are the main proof of a college’s credibility.  If a student considers enrolling in a college the first thing they will check is its academic performance and list of faculty members. Currently, over  258658 students have chosen St. Joseph’s Pre-University College for their education owing to the academic excellence achieved by their alumni. In 2022 the students from the college have secured a whopping 97% in the exams. 

Infrastructure highlights

The better the infrastructural facilities the smoother the learning experience. Being one of the best PU colleges in Mangalore, St. Joseph’s Pre-University College offers a wide range of facilities and modern facilities to help them study at ease. Here is the list of amenities the students can take advantage of.

  • A well-furnished library with all relevant study materials.
  • A book bank facility for students who cannot afford to buy them
  • A cafeteria that offers healthy and hygienic food at a pocket-friendly price
  • Xeroxing facilities are available at a cheap rate
  • A grievance cell for the students to discuss and sort out their problems

Notable faculty members

An experienced and qualified faculty is important for imparting education effectively. St. Joseph’s Pre-University College has powerful teams of faculty members in every curriculum, imparting knowledge with care and responsibility. Here are some faculty members from some popular curriculums.




Computer science

Special programs or courses offered

St. Joseph’s Pre-University College offers a variety of choices of courses for students to pursue. Let us look at some of these.

  • Science
    • PCMB
    • PCMC
    • PCMS
    • PCME
  • Commerce
    • CEBA
    • MEBA
    • MSBA
    • CSBA
    • SEBA
  • Arts
    • HEPS

3. Sharada Vidyaniketan PU College

sharada pu collage

Sharada Vidyaniketan PU College is one of the Mangalore best PU colleges. Established in 1998, this college has been preparing hundreds of students for success. From an assortment of facilities to experienced faculties, the college is equipped with the best.

Academic reputation

Sharada guarantees academic excellence in both competitive and board examinations. It has been gifting meritorious students for the last 20 years. Here are snippets of the previous year’s achievements

Infrastructure highlights

The infrastructural facility is a key factor under consideration when students choose a PU college. Here is a list of the important facilities offered by Sharada PU College

  • Well-furnished classroom equipped with smart class software support to elevate the learning experience.
  • The college has modern laboratories for curriculums like Physics, Biology, Computer Science and Chemistry.
  • It offers a safe and comfortable hostel facility.
  • The campus food is hygienic and nutritious.
  • Finally, the college has facilities for extracurricular activities for students to enjoy.

Faculty profiles

One of the perks of studying at Sharada PU College is its exceptional teaching team. The highly trained and competent educators leverage their expertise to create an effective learning experience for the students. You can know in detail about the faculty members by getting in touch with the college authorities.

Notable achievements or distinctions

The main achievement of Sharada Vidyaniketan is its consistent academic prowess.  Amongst its various achievements is the exceptional performance of its students in the board and competitive exams.

4. Prestige PU College

Prestige pu college

The horizon of education is fast changing. A good PU college will update its teaching methods, syllabus, infrastructure and facilities accordingly. Prestige PU College has been the top choice of students owing to its modernized approach to education. The best thing about this college is its focus on holistic student development including academics, extracurricular activities and personality development. Here is all you need to know about Prestige PU college.

Academic performance

The students of Prestige PU College have consistently secured exceptional marks in examinations. Here is proof that vouches for Prestige PU College’s academic prowess.

Prestige pu college

Campus facilities and Amenities

Being a top PU college in Mangalore, Prestige PU College offers a sea of facilities and amenities to its students. In this blog, we are discussing some of them.

  • Audio visual rooms
  • Computer labs
  • Separate Physics, Chemistry and Biology labs
  • Coaching for competitive exams
  • Separate hostel facilities for boys and girls
  • 24*7 CCTV observation
  • Hygienic and nutritious food facility

Faculty expertise

An educational institution without strong faculty is like a bulb without electricity. Institutions with even the finest facilities can fall flat in the absence of a knowledgeable teaching team. Prestige PU College’s capable educators help students understand complex topics in the syllabus. They also encourage students to stay focused throughout their learning journey and realize their dreams.

Any outstanding programs or initiatives

It is advised for students to participate in activities that help release the study stress. Prestige PU College takes several initiatives to help students strike a balance between studies and extracurricular activities. For example, the college arranges annual picnics for its students to enjoy. Also, the college had hosted a career guidance program where renowned authorities revealed the prospects of different career paths to students.

5. Expert PU College

Expert PU College

Standing on the pillars of professionalism and commitment Expert PU College is one of the top choices for a PU College. Its esteemed faculty prepares students for competitive exams like NEET, CET, NTA and others.

Academic track record

Every year many students from Expert PU college sit for competitive exams like NEET, JEE and KYPY.  The experienced faculty and modern facilities of the college have helped many students secure excellent academic track records by cracking competitive exams like KYPY.

12 students from Expert PU College, Mangalore have qualified for the KVPY written exam.

Expert PU College

Infrastructure and facilities

The college offers a series of facilities to create a suitable environment for studying. Some of the facilities that it offers include

  • Modern infrastructure
  • Separate laboratories for each subject
  • Computerized library with Biometric Attendance system
  • CET, JEE and AIPMT coaching by internal and external industry expert
  • Medical care facilities

Faculty accomplishments

Expert PU College hosts a team of experienced teachers who are highly qualified and possess an excellent track record of training successful students. They coach students for a variety of competitive exams like JEE, NEET, NATA, and CET.

Any unique features or specializations

The best thing about Expert PU College is its focus on both extracurricular and academic activities. Here are some special features of the college that students find helpful.

  • The college organizes sessions by expert professors who guide the students to prepare for competitive exams.
  • The college celebrates functions like Independence Day and Onam for students to enjoy.
  • Parent-teacher Meetings are held at regular intervals to update parents about their ward’s academic progress.

6. TLC PU College ( A unit of CFAL)

TLC PU College ( A unit of CFAL)

TLC PU College is one of the best PU Mangalore colleges. It is a unit of CFAL. The college believes in weaving an atmosphere that injects passion for subjects like Mathematics and Physics amongst students.  Over the last 12 years, TLC PU College has helped place thousands of students in esteemed colleges. Let us know a bit more about the strong points of the college.

Academic strengths

Being a unit of CFAL, TLC PU is known for recording the highest scores in competitive exams. Every year students of CFAL secure top ranks in competitive exams like NEET and JEE from Udupi and Mangalore region. Here is a list of TLC PU Colleges’ top scorers from 2021.

TLC PU College ( A unit of CFAL)

Facilities and campus environment

TLC PU College creates a student-friendly environment that encourages them to learn and innovate. Here are some perks of studying at TLC PU College.

  • The courses for NEET and JEE are designed to incorporate practical learning through labs and fieldwork.
  • The college has a strong network of alumni placed in top colleges across the world. They often connect with the students and guide them through webinars and live sessions.
  • TLC PU works on the holistic development of students which helps them adapt to the changing environment.

Faculty credentials

TLC PU has some of the best faculties. They have years of experience in coaching students for competitive examinations like JEE (Mains & Advanced), Karnataka CET, Olympiads, KVPY, NTSE and NEET. You can get detailed information about the teaching team from the college information Centre.

Unique features or offerings

TLC PU’s unique features set it apart from the other PU colleges in Mangalore. For example, the Foundation Program for students from classes 7 to 10 helps develop a strong understanding of critical subjects like Physics and Mathematics.  Also, the teachers go beyond the conventional study materials and take the aid of modern teaching tools and techniques to explain difficult topics in detail.

7. St Agnes PU College

St Agnes PU College

St Agnes PU College was invented with the aim of providing holistic education to students to help them achieve academic excellence. It imparts value-based, globally competitive education to the students to help them achieve academic excellence.

Academic track record

St Agnes PU College is known for helping students deliver exceptional academic performance. Every year hundreds of students score high marks in PU exams. Here are the latest results of St Agnes’ students.

St Agnes PU College

Campus facilities and resources

St Agnes PU College is equipped with facilities and resources that are aimed at helping students. Here is a list of facilities that you can avail of as a student of St Agnes PU College.

  • Library
  • Laboratory
  • Hostel
  • Auditorium
  • Counselling room
  • A corner for students to relax
  • Infirmary

Faculty achievements

The teacher’s team of St Agnes PU College comprises a talented teaching team. They use their teaching skills to create an immersive learning experience for the students. Moreover, the teachers of St. Agnes constantly educates themselves to keep them updated with the modern teaching techniques and developments in their field. You can learn more about the faculty from the college website.

Any distinctive programs or initiatives

To make learning fun and interesting the St. Agnes PU College has introduced several initiatives. There are student clubs founded by different departments for students to participate and learn. For example, the Computer Department of the college has started a club called Tekclique to motivate students to innovate and become more creative. Also, the college has several committees like the cleanliness committee and child protection committee to nurture a sense of responsibility in students.


In this blog, we have covered the 7 best PU colleges in Mangalore. We have explored the important parameters for analyzing the competence of these colleges. Choosing a good PU college will take you one step closer to your academic and professional success. Although we have shared some essential information for you to get an understanding of the PU colleges, you must do in-depth research and clear all your queries before deciding.

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